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Not only shipyards and naval subcontracting, Friuli Venezia Giulia, and in particular Trieste, are  also a favourite destination for cruise ship tourism.

Trieste, strategically located at the heart of Europe, is the ideal port of departure for cruises in Croatia and along the Adriatic.
Ranking number one for its quality of life level according to the Italian main financial newspaper Sole 24 Ore, it is blessed with a rich historical legacy and a long standing cultural heritage to be found in its museums, historical Cafés, churches of diverse religious creeds.
Framed by the white cliffs and the naturalistic beauties of the Karst, it is located a short distance from many touristic destinations that can be reached in a day like Ljubljana, Venice and the Dolomites mountains.

In recent years the cruise sector has experienced developments without precedent, drawn by a demand for tourist services which has interested the entire Mediterranean basin and more so the Adriatic sea.

Also the luxury yacht sector has been significally growing. In fact, the Mediterranean Sea is an appealing destination for these types of vessels. 
Trieste offers mooring possibilities to yachts and mega yachts both in summer times and in the moderately calm winter times, thanks to the marketing of services and hospitality.