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Cruise Industry

The main Italian shipyard active in the construction of passenger ships, Fincantieri, operates in Friuli Venezia Giulia, forming a pool of induced activities involving 400 enterprises active in the field of naval engineering, project planning, mechanical-naval carpentry, fittings, supplies, material, furnishings and equipment for all areas of cruise ships.

Shipyards and subcontractors, all in one cluster, excelling in its capacity of clearly delivering the highest level of competence on issues such as project planning, technological content, production and design quality. In short, a center of acknowledged skills for quality and know how.

80% of the value of the ships coming out from the Fincantieri Shipyards is generated by  the work of companies operating in the shipbuilding sector other than Fincantieri.
During the last decades, a large number of specialized companies, about 550 in the whole Friuli Venezia Giulia region, with a 350 millon euro turnover, helped the entire shipbuilding sector create a success story in this field.
Around 70% (average) of the turnover of these companies is generated by Fincantieri’s orders. The strategy pursued is therefore to increase the number of their clients.
Along with manufactured products, a wide range of services are also covered by Friuli Venezia Giulia’s companies: large scale import-export activites, transport of oversized loads (propellers, engines..), tailormade insurance, naval engineering software… 
The Fvg cruise industry cluster companies present on our database are:
  • Suppliers of engineering and project services
  • Building/repair/maintenance  
  • Suppliers of iron and steel materials 
  • Suppliers of mechanical equipments 
  • Suppliers of engine propulsion and auxiliary parts 
  • Suppliers of shipboard systems 
  • Suppliers of electrical and automation systems 
  • Suppliers of electronic and special devices 
  • Suppliers of paints, insulation, floor and floor applications, other related services  
  • Suppliers of furniture
  • Suppliers of navigation systems
  • Suppliers of complementary ship services & hotel operations
  • General contractors/Turnkey suppliers for specific ship areas