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The valorisation of a territory and its production fabric requires not only an excellent training system, but also a research and scientific development system supported by technological transfer institutions.

Thanks to daily contacts with many qualified scientific institutions located in the region, especially in Trieste, companies established in this district are at the very heart of a network of advanced training institutions and research centres with highly specialised human resources.

AREA Science Park

AREA Science Park, the first multisectorial scientific and technological park in Italy and one of the major parks in Europe.
It is run by the Consorzio per l’AREA di Ricerca Scientifica e Tecnologica, which is a first class national research body operating at the regional and national level to favour competitiveness of companies and their territory by providing qualified support to technological transfer, entrepreneurial training and internationalisation. 

AREA Science Park covers 74,680 sq.m. of campuses in Padriciano and Basovizza with 87 actors comprising 66 highly innovative companies and 21 research centres. The main activities of the consortium are technological transfer and research valorisation, management of the Molecular Biomedicine District, coordination of research bodies, patent information and business intelligence, training as a tool for growing and catching international opportunities, mobility as a tool for innovative development and scientific dissemination to make also the general public aware of the meaning of research, especially in terms of impact on our daily life.

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The technological naval and nautical district in Friuli Venezia Giulia - DITENAVE

DITENAVE supports the competitiveness of the regional naval and nautical business. Its activities are designed along three line of action – RESEARCH, INNOVATION and EDUCATION.
Ditenave aims to:
- manage the relation between the regional demand and supply of RESEARCH in order to activate synergies developing specific projects in the naval and nautical sector linking the industry with university and regional research center;
- manage the relation between the regional demand and supply of INNOVATION offering support to SME’s for the definition of projects, technological brokerage, partnerships set up;
- to plan and organize EDUCATIONAL initiatives to meet the new specialized and managerial profiles needs, also emerging from the activities developed in the two previous sectors.

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